Hello beautiful people!

I am Siham, the founder of the Moroccan House.
With a background in art and interior design and a passion for travel, as well as a philosophy of uniqueness with everything else is central to my concerns. it quickly became my dream to open a boutique that explored all the different styles and designs that the world had to offer.
and why not a global export company, in collaboration with my craftsmen, express my bohemian nature, my travels and my creations inspired by secular traditions.

Today the dream has come true with Moroccan House which offers an exceptional collection of Moroccan decorations to improve your living space.
All our products are selected and handmade with love. Each piece we propose is timeless and has a unique character.

Our mission begins with the artisans who create the beautiful and useful products that you see here. Every purchase made on Moroccan House is just one step closer to their financial security. For these craftsmen, our store serves as a secure market for all while framing its progress. For all our artisans, women and men, we are committed to providing a fair market for their products and the support they need to continue to make their fantastic products and share their stories.

Moroccan House offers an exclusive collection of homemade handmade products and accessories in Marrakech, Morocco. 50% of our products are handmade by women. It’s simple, we think it’s always a good idea to support and support small businesses of women artisans, because the people behind these businesses tend to be the backbone of their families, their children and their families. their communities. process the products they manufacture. At a time when most of the goods we own are mass-produced or disposable, it’s nice to spend money on something that is the result of generations of tradition and unique skill. There is something a little more special about something that has a story behind it.

In accordance with our humanitarian principles, we offer a good compensation to our craftsmen in Morocco, paying them for their work before their expedition. No child labor is used.